digital content that empowers individuals to live impactfully.

Each Millennial Hippie video profiles an organization that is doing their part to make our world a better place and shares how viewers can engage to make a difference.


Are you a
Millennial Hippie?

Millennial Hippies are caring individuals who want to make a positive impact through individual and collective action.

Like the hippies of the ‘60s,

Millennial Hippies challenge corporate influence and cultural conformity, question traditional societal institutions, enjoy expression through creative arts, fashion, and music, and are concerned about our social and environmental wellbeing. Over half a century ago hippies and many others marched on Washington D.C. in the pursuit of peace and racial equality, but these protests only scratched the surface of these deep-rooted issues in American culture. Millennial Hippies are willing to stand up and finish the fight for a domestic and international peace policy, socio-economic equality, and environmental justice.

Unlike the hippies of the ‘60s,

Millennial Hippies live in a digital age: access to vast information, online societies and entertainment lies at our fingertips. Abundant technological innovations have disrupted traditional industries, increased transparency and given power back to the people. However, globalized corporations have grown more powerful than ever by utilizing crony capitalism to institutionalize regulations that prioritize corporate interest$ over the wellbeing of workers, consumers and our planet. The corporate greed of fossil fuels, animal agriculture, big pharma, and the military industrial complex, have led us to our greatest existential threat: climate change.

It’s a critical time for humanity and we need radically positive and progressive action to rescue our global future.

Millennial Hippies believe

in peace, love, inclusion, accountability, sustainability, compassion, expression, and gratitude. Our existence on earth is interconnected, interdependent, and we are all individually and collectively responsible for its wellbeing. Immediate action is needed in order to preserve our planet and humanity must invest in collective wellness, knowledge, and sustainability for a prosperous future. Millennial Hippie’s strive to think sustainably, act conscientiously, create passionately, love abundantly and live impactfully. We are diverse, intelligent, creative, tech-savvy, globally connected and socially conscious beings that continually seek to better ourselves and the world around us.


You may be a Millennial Hippie if you seek to do the following:

  • Optimize individual impact through conscientious decision-making

  • Connect with ethical organizations that strive to make positive contributions to society over profit gain

  • Participate in collective movements that advocate for global peace, socio-economic equality, environmental justice and transparent democracy.

  • Commit to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing to raise our global consciousness

  • Believe in peace, love, inclusion, accountability, sustainability, compassion, expression, and gratitude

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